Geosynthetic Clay Liners

GCL’s are installed in the field by using a simple overlap along the panel edges.  Additional granular bentonite (available in bags) is used to seal the overlap.  GCL’s are visually inspected to ensure that there is enough overlap and that sufficient additional bentonite has been placed in the overlap area.  Prior to placement, the subgrade should be inspected for suitability.  For GCL’s it is vital that there be no standing water or saturated areas which could hydrate the GCL prior to backfilling.  Careful backfilling of a GCL is key in the performance of the completed liner.  All backfilling should ensure that the GCL is not displaced during construction.  It is important that the soil cover is placed in a manner that prevents the soil from entering or displacing the GCL overlap.  Earthfix, Inc. can provide the necessary personnel and equipment to completely install your liner professionally and quickly.


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